Belt Decision Criteria

To Decide if Synchronous or V-Belt?

Does the Driver and Driven need to be timed? If yes, synchronous.
Is energy use a major concern? If yes, synchronous.
Will the belt be in an oily environment? If yes, synchronous.
Is there significant shock loading? If yes, V-belt.
Will the drive be subjected to heavy debris? If yes, V-belt.
Is alignment or frame rigidity a concern?. If yes, V-belt.
Synchronous needs less take-up.

To Narrow Down synchronous Drives:

1. Is noise a major concern? If yes, SilentSync™.
2. Are they replacing a Poly-Chain? If yes, Falcon Pd.
3. Is the drive going to subjected to temps below -30F or above 140F? If yes, Not Hawk Pd.
4. Does the drive need to be as compact as possible? If yes, Falcon Pd.
5. Design fans with synchronous belts at or below the rpm of the original V-belt drive.

To Narrow Down V-belt Drives:

1. Recommend HY-T Wedge over Torque Flex except for backbend drives.
2. Recommend Torque Team when for over 3 belts.
3. Can't use Torque Team on A-B combination sheaves.